[News] New Update !

New Updates ! 

* Castle Siege dmg Fixed.

* Kalima Boss - Respawn - 24 hours - Drop : Top Weapons + 3 options.

* Land of Trial Boss - Respawn - 12 Hours - Drop: Jewel of Ancient, Evolution, Exccelent.
  Added Top Spots with 8 Monsters.

* Dungeon Boss - Respawn - 12 Hours - Drop: Jewel of Level, Options, Mistik.
  Added Top Spot with 8 Monsters.

* Search Event Drop:  added Jewel of skill and Jewel of Luck.

* Battle Event Drop:  added Jewel of skill and Jewel of Luck.

* Pandora Drop:  added Jewel of Skill and Jewel of Luck.
  Static coordonate: Devias 3 - 225-235

* Online Bonus edited from 1 WCoin per Hour to 1 WCoin per 4 Hours.

* Lorencia Ring Boss | Respawn - 12 Hours | Drop: Jewel of Level.

* Map Quest on PeaceSwamp Map - Boss Drop: Rings and Pendants + 3 options.

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[News] ArcMu - Successful launch !

We would like to announce the successful start of the ArcMU Game, which took place on the 20th of December 2018.

You are welcome to join hundreds of players in exploring the challenging worlds of ArcMU where you can combat your enemies, create guilds and establish strategies in order to dominate the game.

As promised, in the ArcMU Game everyone will have equal chances to become a top player as donations will not be accepted.

If you have any suggestions or issues, please bring them to our attention in our forum.

Have a good day and an exciting game.

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Thank you for your participation!

From the start of the project until this moment we have achieved sufficient experience in order to build a high-quality server without donation.

We are ready now to offer a 100% transparent and high-quality no donation server.

The following changes have been made:

1) Removed all Extra Jewels from Server
2) Removed Box of Kundun and Jewel of Harmony from Drop Event, BC, DS.
3) No Hide Option on Site (All inventory are open for public) Transparent 100%. (No Donation Server Needs Transparency).
4) Edited Box of Heaven, Gold Medal, Heart of Love, Firecracker Drop from 35% to 5%.
5) BC and DS Extra Exp +25%. Enjoy !

Critical Bugs Fixed:

1) Combo Bug Fixed
2) Crash Server Fixed.

Balance Character Edited:

* ELF character edited 
* RF character edited 
* DL character edited 
* MG character edited 
* SUM character edited 
* DW character edited 

* No PKClear option.
* Dungeon Siege activation: After first Castle Siege.
* Ancient items activation on Chaos Castle:  After first Castle Siege with low rate.

Events Drop Edited:

* Drop Event Rewards = Jewel of Chaos, Bless, Soul, Creation, Life, Rena
* Pandora Box Rewards = 25 WCoin + Budle of Jewels x10 Chaos, Soul, Life, Bless, Creation, BC Ticket, DS Ticket.
* Search Event Rewards = 25 WCoin + Budle of Jewels x10 Chaos, Soul, Life, Bless, Creation, BC Ticket, DS Ticket.
* Lora Battle Rewards = 25 WCoin + Budle of Jewels x10 Life.
* Golden Archer Rewards = Chaos Card (Exe Items) - NEED 10 RENA.
* Blood Castle Rewards = Invisibility Cloak
* Devil Square Rewards = Devil's Invitation
* Chaos Castle Rewards = Budle of Jewels x10 Life.

The rest of the events and the Bosses rewards have not been edited.

Once again, thank you for participating at the test drive of ArcMu!

We will be happy to see you joining big Launch of ArcMu on December 20th.

!!! WIPE ON 20th DECEMBER !!!

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[News] Welcome to ArcMu Online Private Server

ArcMu Online - Open Beta !

ArcMu is an international private MuOnline Season 6 server which is the latest version of its kind. Therefore our project provides the best gaming experience having the newest features that all players are looking for in a game.
An important aspect is that the server does not accept any donations and does not make any sells, ensuring stability and a great competition within the game.

Our project is in the final stage of development, Server ArcMu being released in the Open Beta version where you can register, download the game client and get acquainted with the world of ArcMu Online. Beta testing will last until December 1st, 2018, after that all characters, the game progress and currencies will be deleted. However, your accounts, passwords and invited referrals will be kept.
We encourage you to invite your friends to join the game, as you will receive rewards once your friends reach a certain amount of resets.

Until December 1st, 2018, the Experience is 100x


For more ArcMu Server details go HERE.

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